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OSX86 Snow Leopard Restarts after install, copy Boot from Empire EFI Disc?

I saw this on infinite mac so i decided to copy this here "por si las moscas"

hi guys
I've successfully installed 10.6.2 on a core 2 duo with few problems, however I'm only able to boot with Empire EFI and -v mode.

I've got chameleon 2.0 RC2 installed and get a kernel panic. With Empire EFI and -v all is fine.

Is there any way I can copy the boot info from the Empire EFI disc over to my Mac partition and boot this way?


Im thinking of doing that same thing, since i can successfully install snow leopard on my Gateway NV53 notebook with the EmpireEFI1085_AMD but i cant boot with myhack or chameleon by itself, when i select the boot from the OS X partition, i have tried with several flags like -x or -v cpus=1 etc but none of some other threads ive seen work, ill try to copy the boot file from the empire efi disc and if it works ill let you know but if you know how to do it correctly let me know!...

It worked!! Well i no longer have any restarts or panics or anything, i just booted from empire EFI to mac os x, then copied the boot file from Empire EFI disc to my drive of OS X (you have to use this on terminal to show your hidden files: then write.

# defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles -bool true "hit enter"
          # KillAll Finder "enter"

ok now after you copied the boot file go to the extra folder and copy the dsmos.kext, the fakeSMC.kext and the rest that the Prasys Guide tells you, make sure you put the ones you need depending on your pc specs, for example i had to insert the appleps2 controller.kext and the appleACPIPSwNub.next for my laptop trackpad to work.
Now go to your OSX Drive and look for the mach_kernel and rename it to mach_backup, download the one you need for your pc, for example i downloaded mine for OS X 10.6.2 and AMD that i found on the Prasys site  that is called snow legacy kernel so i can boot my amd cpu with 2 cores and shows all the 4 GB of RAM, if you have an i7 pc then use the i7 one or the i core mach_kernel since not all of those kernels work for the same cpus, just google it if you are not able to find your specific files, i hope this is understandable, im in a hurry and i cant write so much, if you have any questions feel free to ask, if this post is not allowed then ill copy this to my personal blog at ozlo.blogspot.com
good day!


  1. Hi! I loved a hackintosh rig because it is like an underground system that defies the corporate mac by buying a licensed Mac OSX and installing it to OEM PC mobos. The rebellious hackintosh has cool factor associated with it because it is forbidden. I will never buy a real mac, I only want the OS.


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