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Windows 7 to support new panning options, gestures

Also protected and swept under the carpet, in the Windows 7 PDC ‘08 build (6801), is the ability to configure touch-based panning and gesture options. This is a no-brainer as Microsoft already announced Windows 7 will feature Microsoft Surface technologies, of which panning is a critical piece. A document was also released yesterday entitled “Developer Enhancements to Windows for Touch and Tablet” with a confirmatory blurb:
Multitouch will support input from multiple touch sources through new window messages, plus a gesture-recognition API that supports panning, zooming, and rotating.

As you can see, all the options are grayed out, likely a result of my old WinHEC-goodie Graphire (Sapphire) tablet not functioning properly in Windows 7. Anyone want to send me an evaluation Tablet PC unit?