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Remove Ads in Windows Live Messenger

This a short and quick how-to on removing those bothersome ads at the bottom of Live Messenger 9 main window. Lets get started..
  1. Go here: http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/
  2. Download Resource Hacker ver. 3.4.0 (Zip File 541kb).
  3. After unzipping the contents open ResHacker.exe.
  4. Open in Resource Hacker (File -> Open...) msgsres.dll located in (in most cases): C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger
  5. Click on View -> Find Text... on the menu bar.
  6. On the "Find what:" field put in:
  7.   top ID=Atom(SSConstrainer) Layout=FillLayout()
  8. Change layoutpos value from top to none.
  9. The line should now look like:
  10. none ID=Atom(SSConstrainer) Layout=FillLayout()
  11. Click on Compile Script.
  12. Click Save (File -> Save)
  13. Open Messenger. Enjoy your now ad-less version of Live Messenger!
UPDATE! This will work with the Latest and newest Windows Live Messenger version:

How to remove Ads from Windows Live Messenger (MSN messenger)

 Para Quitar los molestos anuncios de Cualquier version de Windows Live messenger no necesitas de programas o cracks, solo sigue las instrucciones de abajo.

Here is a tip to remove the ads from windows live messenger without installing any cracks.
Actually it does not mess with windows live messenger at all, but with your host file in order to change the IP adresses of the Windows Live Messenger ads servers.

Add the following two lines in your host file (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\host) with notepad: rad.msn.com rad.live.com

Añade estas dos lineas dentro del archivo de texto que encontraras aqui:  (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\host) con bloc de notas: rad.msn.com rad.live.com

Save and close

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    Thanks for the info!

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    cool, thanks!

  3. Nice stuff thanks!

  4. pello8:55 PM

    Excellent! got my windows live messenger 2009 with no ads following the instructions for the hosts file rad.msn.com rad.live.com

  5. Dude thanks this works with the latest Windows Live Messenger Beta Build 15.3.2804.607

  6. Yes this even works with windows live messenger 2011


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