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I just received an email that made my day! my wife got mad at me because i started to scream of joy, she said that i didnt act like this when she told me she was pregnant lol, well this is the email i just received and i believe that a lot of people already know this:

Hello ozl,We are pleased to inform you that Demonoid.com is finally back online
Your account ('ozl') is back and ready to be used again. If you have problems accessing it, please use the forgotten password page at http://www.demonoid.com/password_retrieval.php?ste=youremailhere
We hope to see you soon!- The Demonoid.com site staff
*** You received this email because you registered an account at Demonoid.com You won't be receiving another notification from us, no action is needed on your part.


  1. Anonymous4:32 AM


    no se si se pueda que me mandes una invitacion para esa web de torrents que esta muy dificil registrarse en ese lugar jeje

    lo agradeceria mucho!!..

    mi correo es DOJH_IREH@hotmail.com

    claro si no puedes no hay ningun problema... saludos..

  2. Hola, disculpa pero por el momento no puedo, por seguridad ahora no se la doy a cualquiera que la pide, en caso de que tengas una invitacion para what.cd
    o de Undergorund Gamer entonces intercambiamos, la otra seria que donaras algo por paypal a mi cuenta pero eso esta prohibido por Demonoid en caso de que lo tomes como que te la estoy Vendiendo Saludos!

  3. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Yes! i got an invite thanks!
    all i had to do was donate a little to ozlo...
    Good day!

  4. Demonoid is Backl again!! http://www.demonoid.ph xD


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